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Work Smarter With Paperless Manufacturing

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Work Smarter With Paperless Manufacturing

Britain’s manufacturers produce a lot of paper. Not intentionally though – documents and files are just an inevitable part of doing business, no matter what a company actually produces. The problem is the cost of physical storage space and labour. All of those rooms filled with filing cabinets cost money, as does employee time spent searching for and filing paperwork, or dealing with complaints when things go wrong. But what if there were a way to work smarter, instead of harder for manufacturing firms? How would paperless manufacturing ease the burden on the business?

Efficient Operations

Manufactures across the country are putting automated electronic document management solutions like ours in place in order to significantly improve their efficiency. Replacing physical documents with electronic document workflows boosts productivity, purely because digital document management offers so much more flexibility, oversight and control compared to paper documents. When documents of all kinds, shapes and sizes, from architectural layouts to monthly bills are easily viewed, accessed and stored in an electronic document repository (in their original formats), efficiencies soar.

Easy Tracking And Tracing Model

Because the manufacturing process is so involved and complicated, it is often easy to lose track of a particular order or supply delivery. When this happens, tracking down a paper order form can be time consuming if not impossible. But with digital document automation, tracking each delivery from start to finish is simple and, more importantly, error free. Paperwork for each order is tagged and filed electronically, making it simple for any user to trace the details back from the point of order to delivery of the final goods to the customer.

Centralised Storage

One of the major advantages to document management in manufacturing is the ability to keep all documents for each individual order together in one centralised location. This means that multiple users can access, view and even edit a single file through an internet link, but it only existing in one place at once, reducing the risk of duplication errors. Apply that to a collection of files for one order and you can have access to multiple collections of paperwork, but the document will only exist once.

Of course, there are many more benefits to document management for the manufacturing industry. To be competitive, manufacturers must continually innovate to boost productivity and reduce costs. At Tipac, we work with manufacturing firms of all shapes and sizes to provide a comprehensive document management solution that seamlessly automates all aspects of the paperwork process. For more information, get in touch with one of our experts and arrange your free demo.