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What’s The Difference Between Cloud Printing And Cloud Print Management?

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What’s The Difference Between Cloud Printing And Cloud Print Management?

Cloud print management is an incredibly exciting subject (well, for many of us anyway). The technology now available can revolutionise the way businesses not only print but manage key areas of their IT infrastructure as well, drastically cutting down cost and offering simple solutions to all. But there is a common misconception that ‘cloud printing’ and ‘cloud print management’ are the same thing, when in fact there are some significant differences.

Key Differences

We and our partners at PrinterLogic have spent a lot of time explaining the differences between cloud print and cloud print management to both end users and business owners alike. While on the surface they might seem the same, the key differences between the 2 processes are very important. PrinterLogic explains in their article:

“There’s a big difference between cloud print management and cloud printing, and it’s important to keep that in mind when you’re researching cloud print solutions. You certainly can’t argue with the fact that cloud printing comes with some wonderful advantages, yet it continues to be hamstrung to some extent by the traditional print management solutions that most organizations still have in place… Furthermore, many cloud print solutions have fundamental limitations that take some of the shine off cloud print setup and cloud printing in general. For instance, most of the popular cloud print solutions require that you use special printers, which restricts your options, or they want your existing printers to be connected to an always-on PC running special software, which drives up the cost and complexity of your infrastructure. They also can’t always promise universal compatibility with different printer drivers and operating systems.”


So you see, cloud printing is simply one part in the printing machine, and has to interact with other elements of your infrastructure in order to work effectively. Because of the way these older systems are designed, this can cause a lot of problems. PrinterLogic continue:


“Cloud print management, on the other hand, has the ability to deliver all the benefits of cloud printing along with next-generation print management that makes print servers seem like 19th-century technology by comparison. That’s because cloud print management—when it’s done right—truly breaks free from the conventional model of on-premises infrastructure and puts all aspects of enterprise printing into the cloud, where it’s always accessible, always manageable, always available.”

So What Do I Do?

The most important thing you can do as a business owner is research which option will work best for you moving forward. For most business who need to upgrade their systems, cloud print management is the only way forward. In conjunction with PrinterLogic, we can provide a solution called ‘PrinterCloud’, which combines effortless cloud printing wth cloud print management.


”In PrinterCloud, cloud print setup is as easy as it is using our on-premises solution. From the moment you start, you can simply migrate all of your printers—including profiles, drivers, settings, you name it—from your print server to PrinterCloud using an easy migration tool. After that, you can add new printers, deploy printer drivers, manage queues and edit print profiles across your entire organization more easily than you ever thought possible. Why? Because, unlike other cloud print solutions, PrinterCloud uses the same streamlined and powerful centralized administrative interface that PrinterLogic does.”


For more information, or to arrange your free demonstration, get in touch with the team at Tipac today.