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What To Look For In Printer Management Software

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What To Look For In Printer Management Software

Like everything in business, there are plenty of printer management software solutions out there, each promising to bring you the most up to date features and end your printer woes forever. But the problem is, not every solution can offer everything you need – in fact many of them don’t. So how do you work out which printer management software solution is right for you?

Simple – you boil it down to the key factors. What features do you need, and what are some key things you should look for in every solution? Our partners over at PrinterLogic have a few suggestions, which they detail in their article:


“Rock-solid stability: Printing is absolutely vital for your organization’s end users. Can your network printer management software withstand the rigorous demands of day-to-day printing as well as unusual high-load situations? All too often, we think of server crashes as an inevitability when it comes to our printer management software. But outages should be so rare that they are almost unheard of, not a matter of course.


Unlimited scalability: How well does your printer management solution accommodate growth? Does the addition of a new pool of users or expansion to a new location require more hardware, more infrastructure, more cost, more oversight? Will growth tax the capabilities of the existing system and require more from the admins who are responsible for maintaining it? The ideal network printer management software should scale up quickly, easily and almost infinitely.


Ease of use: Good printer management software gives you the tools to accomplish what you need to do. The best print management software makes those tools easily accessible, intuitive and efficient. For example, does your network printer management software allow you to make changes to multiple printer configurations or update drivers enterprise-wide with just a few clicks?


strong>End-user empowerment: Ease of use isn’t just something that benefits admins. The ideal printer management solution ought to be transparent and accessible to your organization’s end users as well. They should have the possibility to perform basic functions like identifying and installing nearby printers themselves—without complexity, without risk.


strong>Advanced functionality: The workplace has changed dramatically over the past decade. Mobile devices are proliferating, and security is the watchword. The best print management software is already ahead of the trends, allowing you to implement features like BYOD and guest printing and secure printing across the enterprise with seamless integration and minimal fuss.


strong>Total oversight: What good is printer management software that doesn’t illuminate all the corners of your print environment? The right enterprise printing solution is one that gives you both a macro- and micro-level window into your entire organization, highlighting longitudinal printer management trends while providing detailed device- or user-specific activity.”


That might read more like a wish list than a checklist, but the truth is that a good printer management software solution should include all of these. At Tipac, we have partnered with PrinterLogic to offer their next-generation network printer management software our clients. This solution ticks all of the boxes above, and many more besides, providing your organisation with a bespoke, powerful, centralised way to manage printers, and seamless support for your virtual systems. For more information, or to book your free demo, just get in touch with us today