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The Manufacturer’s Dream – Making E-Forms A Reality

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The Manufacturer’s Dream – Making E-Forms A Reality

The manufacturing industry produces tons of paperwork every single day. Not only is this bad news for the environment, but it also causes delays and inefficiency within the process, from order to shipment. There are a multitude of different documents produced within manufacturing, but many require data field entry or signatures in order to move through the supply chain. So what areas can implementing manufacturer e-forms improve within the manufacturing process?


When an order, part or other document requires approval, a traditional system would require a couple of different steps. The document would have to be printed, taken to the relevant person and signed manually before being scanned in, uploaded to the relevant folder and sent on to the next link in the chain. All of this is repeated multiple times a day for various different types of document, making it a time consuming and labour intensive process. But with e-forms, documents that come in requiring a signature can be automatically sent to the relevant people for signature on arrival. When received, they can be signed electrically, eliminating the need to use paper in printing, and be sent on within seconds.


Picking Notes

Picking notes make up a large portion of client facing paperwork in the manufacturing process. Picking notes must be approved, printed out and sent with each delivery of goods, so that they can be cross-checked on arrival. In order to increase security, save time and reduce the risk of paperwork going missing, e-forms allows picking notes to be stored centrally with all paperwork relevant to each job. Clients can be given access to view these files through a simple to use web interface, eliminating the need to print and send the documents at all.

E-forms might seem like a relatively minor move for manufacturers, but in reality, this simple change could save a huge amount of time, energy and paper. It also has the ability to cut down on errors within the paperwork process, and when combined with a full document management solution can revolutionise the way manufactures work. For more information, or to book your free demo to see this system in action, get in touch with the team at Tipac today.