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Tackling Challenges In Virtual Print Environments

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Tackling Challenges In Virtual Print Environments

In a fast-moving technological world where flexible working is becoming increasingly common, businesses are having to find new ways to manage their IT infrastructure. One of the challenges in virtual print environments can be overcome by implementing a virtual desktop infrastructure (or VDI for short) to support employees working in remote locations. Using a VDI, an employee can log into their work desktop from anywhere and work as normal, without actually hosting their files on an external machine. This all sounds great in theory, but the problem comes when an employee wants to print anything. You see, there are often issues when VDI meets printing.

Ongoing Print Issues

In their article on the topic, virtual print specialists explain some of the recurring issues that occur in virtual desktop infrastructure environments when managing print:

“Ongoing VDI printing problems include:

  • Inability for end users to easily locate and install printers
  • Managing and maintaining large driver repositories
  • Poor network performance due to VDI printing bandwidth demands
  • Inexact and inefficient printer deployment
  • Lack of support for mobile VDI printing

All of the VDI printing problems mentioned above are common to most virtual solutions. Take driver management. Maintaining and updating even a small number of printer drivers on the master image isn’t easy, and most organizations typically have dozens of drivers for different printer makes and models. The default solution for many VDI environments is to use universal driver (aka “driverless”) printing, but this risks losing functionality because the universal VDI printing driver tends to sacrifice features for the sake of hardware compatibility.”

Solving Complex Issues

Of course, none of these problems are a simple fix. In fact, none of them can be solved using the standard ‘back end tweaks’ usually applied by IT teams when software struggle to communicate. Simple redirects or change in protocols won’t work here, and will cause several new issues along the way. So how can we manage these complicated issues, and make VDI printing a painless process?

“PrinterLogic is an enterprise print management solution that excels at correcting VDI printing problems like these without resorting to patchwork approaches or precarious tweaks. PrinterLogic works seamlessly alongside virtual environments including Citrix and VMware to optimize VDI printing and build on their useful native features like proximity (or location-based) printing while incorporating its own tried and tested benefits.

That means VDI printing problems like difficult end-user installation are solved through PrinterLogic’s self-service portal, which empowers session users with the ability to identify nearby printers and install them with a single click. Tricky deployment scenarios are overcome through PrinterLogic’s effortless deployment options, which allow you to consistently and automatically deliver the right printers to the right users on the basis of a variety of criteria – without having to resort to group policy objects (GPOs) and finicky scripts. The high WAN bandwidth consumption typically associated with VDI printing is avoided through PrinterLogic’s capacity to establish direct connections between endpoint devices and local printers.”

Tipac, partnered with PrinterLogic, provides a simple solution that untangles the chaos of VDI print management. By using its own centralised administration systems, this solution allows IT managers to control their entire virtual print environment from a single portal. It integrates seamlessly with all environments, including VDI based systems by using driverless technology. To find out more about our solutions, or how they can be tailored to work for you, get in touch with the team today.