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What Is SaaS Print Management?

By now you’ve probably heard about software as a service, or SaaS as it’s more commonly known. It’s one of the fastest growing methods of computing delivery in the modern...

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Enterprise Printing Without The WAN

Most enterprise cloud print software will require routing via a remote server – meaning the print job needs to travel across the WAN network to cloud printing hub, and then...

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Whitepaper: Content Management and ROI (August 2018)

Content Management And ROI – How Can You See Results?

Part 1 – Removing Paper From The Equation
This whitepaper is the first in a series designed to help you on your way to achieving a paperless office that
really works. One of the most successful (and simple) ways to implement a paper-free office is to invest in a streamlined content management system. These systems can digitise current paper documents, create workflows and implement automated processes that eliminate the need for new paper documents to be created.

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What GDPR Means For Manufacturing

In a few weeks, businesses across the EU face the biggest change to data protection laws we’ve seen in recent memory. GDPR has sent waves through the UK business market,...

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Print Management Trends For 2018

Print is one of those industries that tends to stay very static. Over the last few years, not much has evolved (with a few notable exceptions). And still, most organisations...

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Is Cloud Print Management Secure?

With data breaches and high profile hacking dominating the headlines at the moment, it’s no surprise that security is such a hot topic. And when it comes to IT, nothing...

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