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Reducing Paper Use In The Workplace

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Reducing Paper Use In The Workplace

Sustainability is a hot topic at the moment in most industries – and for good reason. The idea of reducing paper use, and a workplace environment that has a minimal impact on our environment is certainly attractive, and it’s difficult to find a business that hasn’t already implemented a green initiative or two – but how realistic is it in the long term?


How Can Businesses Reduce Waste?

There are numerous ways that businesses can reduce their waste, particularly in terms of paper and printing. Our partners at PrinterLogic have explored a few of these options in their article:


“When brainstorming ways to conserve paper and generally reduce waste in the office, a paper reduction campaign often seems like an obvious choice. At the same time, it presents more than a few challenges:


  • How can you easily and accurately measure a reduction in paper to determine the campaign’s success?



  • Is it possible to incentivize paper conservation—through prizes or bonuses, for example—on an individual or departmental level?



  • Can you support your employees in finding ways to conserve paper beyond just printing less?



  • What happens when the paper reduction campaign ends? Does everything go back to the way it was?”



Can Technology Help?


So, can technology help reduce paper waste? Of course it can! It just takes a little creative thinking. The first port of call might be to purchase print audit tools for one, but these often feel like a Frankenstein plug in that doesn’t really fit with your systems, and can cause all sorts of other issues. But our partners at PrinterLogic have a solution:


“Our next-generation print management solution enables your organization to make incredible strides toward efficiency on a permanent basis. Instead of providing one or two short-term ways to conserve paper, PrinterLogic is cost-saving by design, allowing organizations of any size to eliminate print servers (an expensive, resource-intensive component of print infrastructure), streamline print management and cut down on consumables usage for good. For the moment, given our focus on decreasing paper waste, let’s focus on reducing consumables—not just paper but toner and ink as well.


PrinterLogic’s powerful Print Auditing feature gives you the suite of tools you need to effortlessly collect, organize and analyse print activity across the organization. You can tie printing to actual costs, arrange print job history according to multiple data points (e.g., date, computer, printer, user, colour, document name) and even have comprehensive reports sent automatically to department heads and decision-makers at regular intervals (e.g., the start of each month). Plus, PrinterLogic’s data-gathering capabilities extend beyond network printers and can even log USB printer activity as well.”


At Tipac, we work with PrinterLogic to help businesses across the UK refine their systems and reduce paper waste in the workspace. We are dedicated to providing a green, waste free working environment for both ourselves and our clients. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you, or to book your free consultation, get in touch with the team today.