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Printer Installer Has All Your Bases Covered

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Printer Installer Has All Your Bases Covered

Print environments are tricky things. Finding something that ensures high performance, availability and minimal disruption can be a difficult ask, and many businesses end up with a mish mash of different solutions that don’t really have the high availability you need. But thanks to our partnership with PrinterLogic, we are able to offer the printer installer solution.

What is Printer Installer?


In a nutshell, Printer Installer is a product with the ability to convert your entire organisation into managed direct IP printing, and enables your IT admins to deploy printers, drivers and profiles from an individual console. Our partners PrinterLogic explain in their article:

“Larger enterprise customers may still desire that the print management capabilities of Printer Installer be available at all times; they may even have SLA commitments to the business. With the release of Printer Installer 17.1, an enterprise class of high availability is now supported. Printer Installer now has the capability to support three methods for making your print management highly available:

  • Active/active high availability using load balancer, IIS web server farms and real-time database replication
  • Automated and manual failover to a warm standby using DNS
  • Database backup and restore”

Now, when a user prints, the job is sent directly from the user’s system to the printer, eliminating the need for print servers and a single point of failure. Should the Printer Installer server ever go down, users will still be able to print.

But What About Web Server Redundancy?


Of course that’s all well and good, but the foundation of the active/active high ability in print is the separation of the application from the database. This allows the use of industry standard technology in making the database and web server redundant. So how does this work with Printer Installer? PrinterLogic explain:

“For web server redundancy, Printer Installer is installed on multiple IIS servers that are configured within an IIS farm using application request routing (ARR) for load balancing. Printer Installer utilizes Microsoft dynamic file system (DFS) to replicate and share content real-time across the web servers. IIS-farm can monitor the web servers and If one of the Printer Installer web servers fail, the requests are simply routed to the web servers that are still online. The failed web server can then be rebuilt and added back into the IIS-farm and start responding to requests.”

At Tipac, we work closely with developers like PrinterLogic to provide an efficient and seamless printing solution, from beginning to end. If you would like to find out more about Printer Installer, or to book your free demo, just get in touch with our team today.