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Is Your Print Management Infrastructure Future Proof?

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Is Your Print Management Infrastructure Future Proof?

Let us ask you a question. When you’re making decisions and planning for your organisation, how far ahead are you looking? For many organisations, the answers will be centred around the 5 and 10 year mark, but for some, it might be as a close as a month or two. When it comes to printers and print management solutions, sometimes the cheapest alterative can be very attractive. But what you really want is a reliable, stable, workhorse of a solution that will work and integrate with your systems for years to come. So the headline question is really – if your print management infrastructure future proof, or it is just tomorrow proof?

What Future Proofing Means

For clarity – future proof in general means that your product or system is unlikely to become obsolete. For a printing environment, the issue is slightly more complicated, because technologies are changing all the time. So in order to future-proof your printing infrastructure, you would need to ensure that your systems all work with each other and are supported, while being flexible enough that changes to hardware or updates aren’t going to require a complete overhaul. Our partners PrinterLogic explain in their article:

“To truly future proof your organization’s current printer management practices, it’s essential to look to solutions that have four key characteristics:

  • Scalable – to grow with your organization, regardless of how that growth occurs.
  • Versatile – to adapt to changes—both seen and unforeseen—in infrastructure, workflow and industry trends.
  • Robust – to provide uncompromising stability in day-to-day use as well as over time.
  • Efficient – to ensure that ease of use and cost-effectiveness don’t experience diminishing returns.

The only enterprise print management solution that seamlessly unites these is PrinterLogic. Our approach to enterprise printing is unique because it combines the stability of direct IP printing with the unprecedented ease of centralized printer management, the smart convenience of end-user empowerment, and the power of a flexible printing platform with a remarkably small footprint. Taken together, those qualities amount to a future-proof print management strategy.”

So How Do You Do It?

But when print environments are so complex and unique to your needs, how do you implement a future-proof solution on the ground? Once again, PrinterLogic has the answer:

“Let’s consider a common enterprise printing scenario. Standard practice is for most organizations to deploy new print servers to meet growth. The trouble with this is that growth can be unpredictable. Is it taking place in the same building or does it mean adding a new facility to a distributed environment? Will it involve a migration to a virtual desktop interface (VDI) solution? Are two very different print infrastructures and printer management approaches going to be merging as a result?

Unlike print servers, which are usually a response to growth and not a foundation for growth, PrinterLogic’s innate versatility and infinite scalability prepare you for any eventuality. So, for example, existing print infrastructures can easily be imported or merged into a single centralized server running PrinterLogic’s enterprise print management solution. Regardless of whether the organization is already distributed or about to become more distributed, PrinterLogic is able to expand to multiple sites with no need for additional remote infrastructure investment.”

Because the solutions provided by Tipac and PrinterLogic are designed to integrate seamlessly with any system, even your complicated VDI setups can be included. That means a single, unified system for all of your printing needs, that will grow and evolve alongside your business. For more information about implementing a future-proof print management system, or to see it in action, get in touch with the Tipac team and book your free demo.