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How To Reduce Your IT Costs In Care Homes

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How To Reduce Your IT Costs In Care Homes

There are some IT and printing costs that are obvious, such as toner, IT support and physical machines. But there are some costs, like server maintenance, downtime and staff man hours that are much harder to calculate, especially in a care home environment. But for some of these things, there are solutions that can help save you money.

Centrally Manage Your Print Servers

Central print server management brings all print requests from different locations onto one server. This makes prioritising requests simple and limits the need for administrator training. It also reduces hardware, software and support costs. So instead of having a different print server for each location, you only have to manage 1, significantly cutting your IT costs.

Automate Your Workflows

When you’re working in the care home environment there are a lot of repeatable paperwork process every day, all of which needs to be completed to a very high standard. From medication orders to care plans, behaviour records, lunch requests, admission forms, and daily turning records, there are over 34 different documents for each care home resident. Some of these will only be filled out once, but many will be filled in and processed on a daily or weekly basis. That adds up to a lot of man hours and a very expensive paper habit. But if you were to digitise and automate this paperwork, it could be filled out using a tablet or computer and automatically filed in the correct place, based on a series of pre-set filters. So your care home staff can stop filing and searching for paperwork and get back to caring for your residents.


Single Central Repository 

Once you have decided to automate your workflows, you will need to start thinking about where to send all of that documentation. You could have this set to store automatically on individual systems or servers for each home, but while this might seem efficient, it’s actually a huge waste of resource and time. Instead, an automated document solution works best with a single central repository for your documents. This means that all documents for all of the care homes in your network can be stored on one server, accessible from every location remotely. This means you don’t have to pay for a sever network and IT maintenance for every location, leading to significant savings.


At Tipac, we help care homes across the UK reduce their IT costs through document automation and print server management. For more information about our solutions, or to find out how we can help you save money, get in touch with us today.