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How Much Does Your Enterprise Printing Really Cost?

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How Much Does Your Enterprise Printing Really Cost?

In today’s budget focussed world, every business investment requires a sound financial plan behind it. This becomes more difficult to do when the investment isn’t completely physical. But just like any other operational item, enterprise printing has its own costs. But in this case, there are the visible costs for the solution, and then the true costs. The visible costs are easy to do – the printers, toner, paper and other consumables. The physical things. But many businesses stop there, thinking that this is all the solution could cost. When in actual fact, the cost can go far beyond that.

True Costs


So, what are some examples of the ‘true costs’ of enterprise printing? Some of the things businesses might not necessarily think about? Well, our partners at PrinterLogic have some suggestions in their article:


“Actual enterprise printing costs have the potential to go far beyond the physical. Take print servers, for example. Countless organizations continue to use print servers as their default enterprise printer management solution, and these devices are far from being cost- or hassle-free. There are costs of procurement, operation, maintenance, licensing and upgrade associated with print servers. Those dollars add up over time, not least when you factor in the expensive man-hours involved in enterprise print management when using print servers—troubleshooting, complex printer installation and deployment, driver management, lost productivity during downtime, support desk calls, and so on. Now we’re getting to the true costs of enterprise printing.”


So you see, while the physical things might be part of the cost, most businesses fail to take into account all of the intangible assets or issues that can send the true cost of enterprise printing rocketing.


Physical Cost Overflows Too


Even if the true cost was all businesses had to worry about, often the physical costs overflow far beyond what the budget was originally calculated for, without really meaning to. PrinterLogic comments that:


“Even the costs of printers and consumables aren’t as fixed as you might think. A study by a leading print manufacturer found that 17% of all print output was considered waste. This includes web printouts with a single URL at the bottom of a blank page, duplicate copies, reprinted jobs and abandoned printouts. That means almost one out of every five printed pages is squandering paper and toner as well as causing unnecessary wear and tear on the printer itself. When you consider that enterprise printing costs account for somewhere between 1 and 3% of an organization’s revenue, the wider expenses associated with enterprise printer management start to become apparent. There’s a lot of opportunity for cost savings in that wasted output.”


At Tipac, we work in partnership with PrinterLogic to bring our customers a next generation enterprise print management solution, giving you full access to a suite of high-functioning data collection and usability tools that can not only tell you exactly how much your enterprise print system is costing you, but how to cut down on excess. For more information, or to book your free demo, get in touch with the Tipac team today.