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How Do You Print Without A Print Server?

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How Do You Print Without A Print Server?

No matter what business you walk into, you are likely to see their print world dominated by one of 2 architectures – direct to IP printing or digital print using print servers. Both of these methods have been around for a long time, and for the most part, they have served their time well. But with new technological advances and the advent of cloud printing, many businesses are finding that these methods are buckling under the strain. So how do you print without a print server? Our partners at PrinterLogic explain:


Direct IP printing is great because it’s reliable and straightforward. But in its conventional form, direct IP printing suffers from a lack of manageability because each client–printer connection has to be established and updated manually. This makes direct IP printing inefficient in all but the smallest and most static environments. It also doesn’t offer a centralized window into the print environment, which hinders overall visibility. Whether consolidated or distributed, Windows print servers offer improved manageability, especially in large or distributed organizations, but they do so at the expense of reliability. Print spooler crashes—which can be caused by corrupted print jobs, driver incompatibilities, and a host of other issues that stem from single points of failure—have the potential to bring printing to a halt for large pools of users or even the entire organization until the problem can be identified and fixed. Furthermore, print servers can be expensive to purchase, operate, maintain and upgrade, and routine printer deployments and installations can be finicky as they depend on complex hierarchical attributes like group policy objects (GPOs) or a certain level of technical skill from end users. This is why many admins have long looked for a Windows Print Server alternative that will free them from the constraints of print servers while leveraging their advantages.”


What’s The Alternative?

So if print servers are so cumbersome and complex, and direct IP printing isn’t manageable, what’s the alternative? Thankfully, there are ways that businesses can manage their print needs effectively without any print servers at all. How? In partnership with PrinterLogic, Tipac can offer an extensive and simple print management solutions.


“The advantages of our print management solution are extensive. To begin with, you can automatically and dynamically deploy printers using criteria like Active Directory (AD) attributes, IP address ranges and even MAC addresses in a direct IP printing environment without having to rely on GPOs or scripts. All of those deployments can be set up and modified using our acclaimed web-based admin console, which offers intuitive yet powerful control over the entire print environment.

Unique among Windows Print Server alternatives is PrinterLogic’s self-service installation portal, which empowers end users with the ability to identify and install nearby printers with a single click. You can even upload floorplan maps to make it easier for them to select the right local printer. By replacing your print servers or traditional direct IP printing environment with what amounts to hybrid of the two models that has this kind of functionality, you can drastically reduce print-related calls to the service desk as a result. That saves time, resources and ultimately money.”

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