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Deploying Print Servers Without Group Policy

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Deploying Print Servers Without Group Policy

If you are a network admin or have spent time with someone who works within an IT department, the mere mention of the phrase Group Policy Objects (or GPO’s) is enough to set them shivering. While great in principle, the reality of GPO’s is that they are complicated to set up and so full of their own quirks that managing them is pushed into the realm of nightmares. Thankfully, there is a way to avoid the whole issue of Group Policy Objects (when it comes to printers anyway) and save your IT tech some headaches.

The Solution

There have always been questions around the need for GPO’s, including whether you could deploy a TCP/IP printer accurately and reliably without them. But until recently no solution was available to simply get rid of GPO’s all together, and instead utilise a single, simple solution. Our partners at PrinterLogic explain:

“Our next-generation print management solution combines the stability and simplicity of direct IP printing with a centralized approach to management and oversight that is almost impossible to achieve with print servers. Instead of deploying printers with group policy, you can use the intuitive web-based admin console to set up targeted deployments to individual users or even user pools without any GPOs at all. We know this stands in stark contrast to the conventional methods used to deploy printers with group policy in Windows Server 2012 R2. But PrinterLogic’s print management solution was designed with advanced functionality and ease of use at its core, allowing you to deploy TCP/IP printers without group policy—quickly, effortlessly, reliably and precisely. Our solution integrates seamlessly with Active Directory (AD), which means you can deliver printers to specific users based on criteria such as AD user, group, container, organizational unit (OU), computer, or even to a host name or range of IP addresses. Setup is as simple as a few clicks.”

Advantages To Avoiding GPO’s

Of course, to anyone who has ever had to administer a GPO, the advantages are obvious. The time-saving simplicity of the whole process means that IT teams need no longer struggle with making sure default group options have bee adhered to, or individually programming each thing. No more endless integration attempts or wasted time for frustrated end users.


“Not only does this save time on the administrative side, it also ends up saving time for the end user. PrinterLogic’s advanced printer deployments get the right printers to the right users every time, so those users don’t have to spend their lunch break calling the service desk and asking them to deploy a printer they should already have access to. And because your support staff now has the ability to deploy TCP/IP printers without group policy, they don’t need risky elevated rights to add or remove printer assignments.”


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