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Cutting Printer Costs With PrinterCloud

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Cutting Printer Costs With PrinterCloud

Most business owners who have engaged with printing in any way know that it isn’t a cheap endeavour cutting printer costs with PrinterCloud. And it’s even more of an investment when you move up to an enterprise print scenario. So it’s not really surprising that businesses are looking for ways to reduce their printing costs. But what exactly does that reduction look like, and how can you cut costs without sacrificing performance?


Basic Tips For Reducing Printing Costs

Our partners at PrinterLogic give a few top tops for reducing your print costs in their article:


“To effectively reduce printing costs, the first thing to do is reset all your assumptions about what SMB and enterprise printing is and instead focus on what it should be. If employees should be printing almost exclusively in black and white, then their default printer settings should automatically revert to black and white. If departmental printing trends need to be monitored to ensure that printer and consumables usage are being kept in check, then a reliable and useful print auditing system should be in place.


It’s also necessary to consider print management as a vital component of your organization’s printing. Are your IT and support staff spending more time deploying printers and scrambling to deal with printing issues than they should be? How might the elimination of unnecessary print infrastructure reduce overall printing costs permanently? Are print servers even worth it? (Spoiler: No, they’re not.)


These hard-to-quantify expenditures on print management tend to get overlooked when organizations are trying to implement these tips for reducing printing costs, and that in turn reduces the potential impact of any cost-saving initiative.”


Integration, Not Initiatives

Ultimately, in order to cut costs with print, businesses need to be focussed on integrating solutions, instead of ‘cost cutting initiatives’. By doing this, businesses can see a reduction of print costs from the get go, instead of coming and going depending on the resources needed to implement them. So instead of being a happy accident, cost saving in print becomes a matter of course. PrinterLogic expand:


“Unlike lesser cloud-based printing solutions, PrinterCloud deploys seamlessly alongside your existing print infrastructure and has no requirements like special printers with proprietary functionality or extra servers. In fact, PrinterCloud—like its proven on-premises counterpart—enables you to eliminate print servers completely from your print environment. Not only does that eliminate the ongoing costs of purchasing, maintaining and upgrading those print servers, it also eliminates the frustrating, time-consuming and expensive aspects of having to deal with them and their vulnerabilities.”


At Tipac, we work closely with PrinterLogic to deliver state of the art solutions to our customers. Thanks to PrinterCloud, we can help our customers not only see increased performance and security in their print systems, but save a lot of money along the way. For more information, or to book your free demo, just get in touch with us today.