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A New Approach To Cloud Print Management

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A New Approach To Cloud Print Management

There’s no denying it – cloud printing is the future. As wireless technology spreads into more areas and the workforce becomes increasingly mobile, cloud print management functionality is at the forefront of every businesses mind. But when many businesses first tried cloud printing, it was in its infancy, complete with growing pains and all sorts of bugs that made it difficult to get along with. Maybe your organisation has already experimented with it and found it lacking, or you have a solution installed that just isn’t working the way you’d hoped. Whatever your situation, we’re here to tell you – there is another way.


Common Problems With Cloud Printing

Of course, technology doesn’t always work seamlessly, and there are always going to be problems. But with cloud printing, there are hundreds of tings that can go wrong if the solution isn’t created and installed correctly. With many other cloud printing solutions, users may see performance and functionality issues. Our partners at PrinterLogic explain:

“One root cause of ongoing cloud print problems is that some cloud print solutions only have the ability to complement your existing print infrastructure. That leaves these solutions further exposed to traditional print management issues such as poor queue management and unpredictable availability. But PrinterCloud avoids the usual cloud print problems such as:

  • Reliance on a constant wide-area network (WAN) connection
  • Limited printer functionality or cloud printing options
  • Incompatibility with certain printer models
  • Complicated deployment procedures that still require group policy objects (GPOs) or scripts”

The idea behind cloud printing has always been to alleviate traditional print pains – which is why we find it absurd that so many cloud print solutions still suffer these aches and pains – along with a whole range of problems unique to the cloud print environment. That’s why the PrintCloud solution is so unique – it bypasses all of those problems, and more that you didn’t even know you had.

Why Is PrinterCloud Different?

“PrinterCloud from PrinterLogic is unique among cloud print solutions because it leverages the distinct benefits of our on-premises enterprise print management software and then translates that to a convenient, low-overhead, cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) model. It brings next-generation features to the proven direct IP printing model, which establishes one-to-one connections between workstations and network printers. This means that end users can continue using cloud printing even if the WAN connection becomes unavailable. And because PrinterCloud taps into the powerful centralized management already offered by PrinterLogic’s on-premises software solution, admins can deploy printers dynamically and automatically with unparalleled ease.”


Another distinguishing characteristic of PrinterCloud is its self-service portal, which lets users accurately identify and install nearby printers with a single click – instead of hours downloading drivers and lengthy installing wizards. In fact, when discussing our implementations of the PrinterCloud solution with customers, this has consistently come up as a firm favourite feature, sometimes above more impressive functionalities.

At Tipac, we work closely with PrinterLogic, and install a variety of their solutions in combination with our own. We work only with the best software developers for our customers, and PrinterLogic is without a doubt one of the leading pioneers in cloud print technologies. To find out more about how PrinterCloud could benefit your business, or to book your free demo just get in touch with the Tipac team today.