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4 Challenges For Implementing Enterprise Cloud Printing (And How To Solve Them)

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4 Challenges For Implementing Enterprise Cloud Printing (And How To Solve Them)

Cloud computing has taken over the world. There’s no ‘is’ or ‘looks like it will’ about that – cloud computing is already here and here to say. Whether your business is big or small, cloud computing can benefit you collaborate, store data safely and add extra convenience, scalability and stability. And with enterprise printing solutions, all of those benefits are still there. However, we’ve come across many businesses who have struggled, coming across challenges when trying to implement enterprise cloud printing in their businesses.

Our partners at PrinterLogic explain some of them in their article:

Your legacy printing backbone: Your organization has spent hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars investing in its print infrastructure over years or even decades. And now it might get tossed aside for a cloud-based print server because cloud printing is suddenly all the rage? No wonder so many organizations balk at the idea! Ideally, you’ll want to identify enterprise cloud printing solutions that enhance your existing print backbone instead of forcing you to replace all or large parts of it.


Security: Almost everything that makes enterprise cloud printing solutions attractive also makes them vulnerable. If your end users can easily access your cloud printing solution from anywhere, chances are that it’s easier for hackers too. The extra vigilance involved in locking down your cloud-based print server and maintaining a secure print environment is another challenge that might deter some organizations from experiencing the benefits of cloud printing.


Cross-platform compatibility: One of the most alluring features of cloud-based solutions is their platform agnosticism—well, most of the time. Cloud printing is a slightly different animal because you’re dealing with many more variables, such as diverse print hardware, different versions of drivers for different operating systems, and so on. This means that organizations sometimes have to choose cloud print for Windows, Mac, or Linux instead of a blanket cloud printing solution.


Cost: Enterprise cloud printing solutions might introduce additional functionality into your print environment, but they’re not always cost effective. By way of example, let’s refer back to the point above: If you were to implement a solution that enabled only cloud print for Windows, you might also need to find a complementary solution for your Mac, iOS, Linux or Android users. Or you’d be locked in, which would mean replacing those devices that were incompatible with your OS-specific cloud printing solution. That, of course, would drive up the cost of software or hardware—or probably both.”


At Tipac, we have partnered with PrinterLogic to bring their custom solutions to our clients in the UK. The PrinterLogic enterprise print solution is robust, scalable, and above all secure – providing granular level control over who can print what to where and when. It also boasts and impressive centralised management centre, which significantly cuts down on admin time and management costs. If you want, you can even remove print-servers altogether, saving time and money by adopting a completely cloud based SaaS infrastructure. For more information, or to book your free demo, just get in touch with us today.